Intent Statement

At Sutton Green we intend to provide a rich and wide history curriculum, bringing history to life, through memorable experiences and exciting whole themed curricular topics. We aim to inspire and ignite curiosity for the past in Britain and the wider world. Through finding out about how and why the world, our country, culture and local community have developed over time, children understand how the past influences the present. Chronology is embedded throughout the curriculum and school, children develop a knowledge of the chronology of past events timelines and  building on prior knowledge.


Implementation Statement

High-quality history lessons at Sutton Green are delivered through our key knowledge lessons, which build on prior knowledge and ignite a thirst for new knowledge. These skills can be found on our skills progression map. 

Interactive timelines in the classrooms and main corridor are constantly utilized to embed chronology.  Children build on their knowledge and skills. The school and classroom environments encourage our pupils to engage, develop, innovate and express themselves through their own unique stage of development and learning. Teaching ensures that pupils gain knowledge and skills, appropriate for their age, and have high expectations to challenge all of our pupils to be proud of their work.  Retrieval questions are asked at the beginning of lessons and recapped throughout the year so that each child is secure in knowledge and skills taught.  Careful structured progression , through the key stages , allow prior knowledge to be built on and new knowledge to be revisited throughout school.  Whole school themes are addressed at the same time in the school year with clear stages of progression across the key stages. 

Children are offered a wide range of experiences, such as clubs and extra-curricular visits, to enhance their understanding of the local area and wider processes. For example, we take our children to The World Museum Liverpool to see genuine exhibitions, Chester Roman Experience, Ellesmere Port town centre and many other experiences.


Impact Statement

Outcomes in  books, evidence a broad and balanced History curriculum and demonstrate children’s acquisition of identified key knowledge relating to each of the identified national curriculum strands, as appropriate to key stage.  The impact of this curriculum design will lead to outstanding progress over time across key stages relative to a child’s individual starting point and their progression of skills. Children will therefore be expected to leave Sutton Green reaching at least age-related expectations for History. Our History curriculum will also lead pupils to be enthusiastic history learners, evidenced in a range of ways, including pupil voice and their work.



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