Religious Education (RE)

Intent Statement

In Sutton Green Religious Education (RE) is taught through the Cheshire West and Chester (CWAC) Council Agreed Syllabus for Religious Education in accordance with Cheshire’s ‘Standing Advisory Council of Religious Education’ (SACRE). 

Through the teaching of RE, children learn the essential knowledge of other religions and worldviews, as well as skills and attitudes of critical thinking and empathy. This understanding of others’ views is an essential first step to enabling each pupil to understand, reflect on and develop their own personal view. 


EYFS- The most relevant statements to RE are taken from the Early Learning Goals in the EYFS statutory framework and the Development Matters age ranges for our Reception pupils.
The statements for RE are taken from the following areas of learning:
• Personal, Social and Emotional Development
• Understanding the World

Key Stage 1 and Key Stage 2 -RE is taught through a time tabled programme  to pupils. We run a 'rolling programme' across two year groups due to the mixed age class arrangement.

Coverage is planned to link with key dates and religious festivals to provide opportunities to celebrate festivals and religions with greater consistency and contextual relevance. Work is recorded in RE books for each pupil. knowledge, skills and undersanding is evidenced with a variety of outcomes, including written pieces, artwork and photographs.

Key Stage One: Year One and Year Two (across two years)

  • Christianity - four half terms
  • Judaism - two half terms
  • Islam - two half terms
  • Worldviews - one half term
  • Humanism - one half term
  • Free choice enquiry includes Respect and Spirited Arts -two half terms


Key Stage Two: Year Three and Year Four ( across two years)

  • Christianity - five half terms
  • Hinduism - two half terms
  • Judaism - one half term
  • Islam - one half term
  • Humanism - one half term 
  • Free choice enquiry - Baha'l faith  -one half terms

Key Stage Two: Year Five and Year Six (across two years)

  • Christianity - four half terms
  • Islam - two half terms
  • Sikhism - two half terms
  • Worldviews- two half terms
  • Free Choice enquiry includes How do people show their beliefs in action and What is life and death about?  - two half terms

Children have opportunities to visit local places of worship. Annual Christmas, Easter and Harvest festivals are celebrated with the local church. Pupils take part in a Bible exhibition in the Autumn and Spring terms. 


Through our RE curriculum, children are given opportunities to recall their knowledge and along with their developing skills answer and discuss challenging questions, as well as comfortablly ask their own. Children can use key vocabulary to discuss the role of religion in society. 

Alongside our PSHE policy, RE works to emphasise tolerance, respect and undestanding as a significant aspect of the teaching of major world faiths and beliefs, incluidng those without faith, in modern Britain and the world.

Some of the skills developed across Key Stage 1 and 2 include retelling religious stories, recognising symbols and actions, describing religious and world views, making connections and reflections and exploring moral and ethical issues. 




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