Intent Statement

The intent of personal, social, health and economic (PSHE) education including statutory Relationships and Health Education (RSE) in our school are to: Enable children to become healthy, independent and responsible members of their community and the wider society.

To link to our values and ethos:

At Sutton Green Primary School we recognise the value and equal worth of each child as an individual and the importance of nurturing every aspect of the child’s personality – intellectual, creative, emotional, physical and spiritual.  Pupils are encouraged to seize learning opportunities and achieve their personal best.  The school is committed to raising standards and providing high-quality teaching.  The school offers a broad and well-balanced curriculum. We value a strong partnership with parents and the wider community. Together we prepare our pupils for their futures.

‘Learn Together, Succeed Together, Achieve Together is our motto, and our aim is to enable all pupils to develop their full academic potential and their social, emotional and well-being in a caring and supportive environment.

Encourage children to take responsibility for their learning, and roles within school life so that they take with them life-long skills

Implementation Statement

Statutory RSE is taught within the personal, social, health and economic (PSHE) education curriculum. Biological aspects of RSE are taught within the Science Curriculum, and other aspects are included in religious education (RE).


In the Foundation Stage, PSHE and citizenship is taught as an integral part of topic work and is embedded throughout the curriculum. The objectives taught are the Personal, Social and Emotional Development statements from ‘Development Matters in the EYFS’ and the PSED Early Learning Goals.

Key Stage 1 and Key Stage 2

PSHE is taught as a timetabled lesson each week. We use the PSHE Association Thematic Approach to ensure all year groups have a focus as part of a whole school scheme.

Aspects of the PSHE curriculum are also covered through the No Outsiders Schemeas well as in assemblies, whole-school events and local community links. 

Teachers or TA's deliver the curriculum. On occasions, we invite outside agencies to support and deliver some areas eg NSPCC, RNLI, Police, Mental Health Team. 

We include all pupils in lessons, regardless of ability or special educational needs and/or disability

We believe that teachers should not let their personal beliefs and attitudes influence teaching if controversial topics or difficult questions from pupils arise. Where a teacher has a concern about their ability to teach certain areas of the curriculum without letting their personal beliefs and attitudes affect them they should inform the Senior Leadership team.

Teachers follow the medium-term plans as set in the PSHE thematic Model for Years 1-6. Pupils in EYFS learn Personal, Social and emotional development and Understnding of the world through the Early Years Framework.

The teaching of PSHE incl RSE is linked to three core themes across the year. These are:

  • Relationships –focus for Autumn Term
  • Living in the Wider World – focus for Spring Term
  • Health & Wellbeing – focus for Summer Term

Some examples of how we teach PSHE are:

  • Assemblies and programme of events across the year linked to core themes
  • Autumn Term: Remembrance theme work; Harvest assembly,  Anti Bullying, Foodbank, Children in Need, Elf Day for Alhzeimer awareness
  • Spring term: Safer Internet Week, Down Syndrome Awareness, 
  • Summer term: Healthy Living focus - summer term linked to Olympics, World Cups and sports day

Involvement of children in raising awareness of key themes and working with their peers and staff: e.g. Safety Officers, Play leaders, School Council, Sport Ambassadors

Wider school work and events: Residential and school visits across the year linked to topic work or to promote health and wellbeing, ‘Amasing’. School Choir visiting local Residential and care homes and Ellesmere Port Hospital. Donations to the Foodbank at Harvest Festival, . Deaf Awareness, Anti Bullying Week, Downs Syndrome Awareness, Children in Need, Comic Relief.

Impact Statement

By the time our children leave Sutton Green they will:

  • be able to approach a range of real life situations and apply their skills and attributes to help navigate themselves through modern life
  • be on their way to becoming healthy, open minded, respectful, socially and morally responsible, active members of society
  • appreciate difference and diversity
  • recognise and apply the British Values of Democracy, Tolerance, Mutual respect, Rule of law and Liberty
  • be  able to understand and manage their emotions
  • be able to look after their mental health and well-being
  • be able to develop positive, healthy relationship with their peers both now and in the future.
  •  understand the physical aspects involved in RSE at an age appropriate level
  •  have respect for themselves and others.
  •  have a positive self esteem


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