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Sycamore Class enjoyed playing Snap in Spanish.

Date: 24th Apr 2024 @ 10:21am

IMG_9295 2.jpg

Chestnut Class enjoyed playing Snap in Spanish.

Date: 24th Apr 2024 @ 10:18am


Maple Greeks Experience Day

Date: 23rd Apr 2024 @ 2:32pm


Willow Greeks Experience Day

Date: 23rd Apr 2024 @ 2:31pm


Rowan Greeks Experience Day

Date: 23rd Apr 2024 @ 2:29pm


Maple Food Tasting

Date: 23rd Apr 2024 @ 2:28pm


Rowan Food Tasting

Date: 23rd Apr 2024 @ 2:27pm


We are Zoologists in Year 1&2

Date: 20th Apr 2024 @ 2:38pm

We turned into Zoologists in Year 1 and Year 2. We looked for signs of spring and new life. We found minibeasts, flowers and buds on trees.We heard different bird song and spotted some sitting high in the trees. We talked about conservation and how it is very important to protect our living things and the UK environment. Fir Class are Zoologists.jpg

Bay Zoologists.jpg

Elm Class zoologist 1.jpg

Keep Safe in the water - a visit from RNLI

Date: 20th Apr 2024 @ 2:29pm


Dinosaur eggs

Date: 19th Apr 2024 @ 2:44pm

Ash class have had an exciting week this week with the discovery of a special box from the Mummy Dinosaur.  She has asked us to look after her babies so we hatched them very carefully and made a safe environment for them.  In maths we have been learning all about the numbers 10-20.

Fir Class computing

Date: 9th Apr 2024 @ 9:10pm

Fir - Computing data trees.jpg

Fir computing graphs.jpg

We are meteorologists

Date: 9th Apr 2024 @ 9:06pm

In Year 1&2 we have been watching the weather forecast each day. We have kept a record of the daily weather. We learnt about the job of the meteorologist and then took part in our own weather forecasting. It was great fun!

meteorologists (1).jpg

World Book Day in Elm Class

Date: 9th Apr 2024 @ 9:02pm

In Elm Class we designed our own tshirt for World Book Day. We shared our favourite stories and read aloud to our friends. Elm World Book Day (1).jpg

Elm Class are authors

Date: 9th Apr 2024 @ 9:00pm

Elm Class have written their own stories. They are authors! The children read their stories to Willow Class. Pop along to read them for yourself.Elm Class authors .jpg

Football skills

Date: 9th Apr 2024 @ 8:40pm



We have been learning how to control, pass and stop the football. 

Bay PE.jpgelm football skills .jpgFir Football skills_.jpgElm Football skills .jpg

Axels and Wheels in DT

Date: 9th Apr 2024 @ 8:35pm

We learnt all about how axels and wheels work on vehicles. Some of the children then made vehicles for their homework task. Bay DT.jpgElm DT wheels and axels.jpgFir Wheels and Axels_.jpg

Year 2 Residential to Tattenhall

Date: 9th Apr 2024 @ 8:28pm

Year two had a great time on their residential to the Tattenhall Centre. We showed amazing tamwork, positive attitudes and excellent behaviour. 

residential 1 .jpgresidential 2.jpgresidential 4.jpgresidential 5.jpgresidential 3.jpgresidential 6.jpg




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