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Willow & Elm Reading

Date: 15th Feb 2024 @ 5:56am

On Monday afternoon, Willow class invited Elm up to KS2 to read stories. The Year 3/4 children picked their favourite stories from the class reading garden to read to different memebers of Elm Class. 

Year 3 - Measuring length in Maths

Date: 6th Feb 2024 @ 1:36pm

WhatsApp Image 2024-02-02 at 14.47.20_55dbc920.jpg

Storytelling Week - Special Visitor

Date: 6th Feb 2024 @ 1:34pm

WhatsApp Image 2024-02-06 at 13.28.37_1867ac54.jpg

Willow Computing

Date: 21st Jan 2024 @ 11:59am

This week Willow class learnt about what was inside a computer. 

Once they had learnt about different parts of a computer they had a go at building their own ones using paper tempates. 

Willow Snow Fun

Date: 21st Jan 2024 @ 11:56am

Willow class had great fun in the snow this week! 

Music in Fir Class

Date: 16th Jan 2024 @ 9:57pm

Fir class Music 8 1 24.jpg

Maths in Year 1&2

Date: 16th Jan 2024 @ 9:50pm

Snow time for Fir Class

Date: 16th Jan 2024 @ 9:48pm

snow time for FIr CLass .jpg

PE in Y1&2

Date: 16th Jan 2024 @ 9:43pm

This term we are learning how to control the football. elm football skills .jpgBay class PE 11.1.24.JPG

Fir PE lesson .jpg

Snowy start for Elm Class

Date: 16th Jan 2024 @ 9:31pm

elm snow day .jpg

Exploring materials in science in Year 1&2

Date: 16th Jan 2024 @ 9:22pm

We have been finding out about materials. Can it bend? Are all spoons metal? Will a paper boat float?

We have been predicting, investigating and exploring.


Making Baby Bears chair in Y1&2

Date: 16th Jan 2024 @ 9:11pm

Year 1&2 made Baby Bears chair in DT. What worked well? What could we change to make the chair more stable?



Maple's snow fun!

Date: 16th Jan 2024 @ 2:10pm

Screenshot 2024-01-16 14.07.27.png

Sycamore Class - Fun in the Snow!

Date: 16th Jan 2024 @ 11:06am


Cherry Class Snow Day

Date: 16th Jan 2024 @ 11:05am


Oak Class Fun!

Date: 15th Jan 2024 @ 11:43am

Oak Class have had a great time this week - we've searched for The Gruffalo, made moving crocodiles, chosen where we would like to go on a journey and ordered numbers!

Oak Class Fun!.jpg


Reptiles Offroadin'!!

Date: 15th Jan 2024 @ 11:35am

EYFS enjoyed a visit from Reptiles Offroadin', linking to our 'Let's All Creep Through Crocodile Creek' text. Oak Class were so brave and enjoyed handling a bearded dragon, snake, tortoise and even a hedgehog! 



Ash Class Reptile visit

Date: 15th Jan 2024 @ 11:26am

To link with our current topic, 'Let's all Creep through Crocodile Creek', Ash class had some visitors on Friday from Reptiles off Roadin'.  We met a snake, bearded dragon, chameleon, hedgehog and tortoise.  The children loved seeing the animals and asking all about them.

Year 6 have produced some AMAZING norse myths this week!

Date: 12th Jan 2024 @ 11:16am

Here is one example written by Jayden:

Inside my Norse myth......

The ghost haunted realms enveloped by blackening mist

Like an abandoned graveyard Haunting and soul consuming

Til fear takes control.  

I think you will agree - absolutely stunning!



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